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Packaging and Handling

Packaging and Handling

Packaging and Handling

The care and attention that our packing teams do while packing ensures safe arrival of your belongings. As we have an extensive network of trusted agents throughout the world through international Association of Movers (IAM), we provide high quality customer service and customized moving solutions to meet each client’s specific needs.

One of the most critical aspects of an overseas move is the quality of packing, handling and packing materials. We choose our packing crew and the quality of our packing materials with infinite care. We are specialists in international moving. All our export packing crews are fully trained, well experienced and up to date in all latest packing techniques. We also confirm that all our packers, drivers and porters work for Segon-Marill International Movers on a full time basis.

All export packing takes place in your home prior to the moving day using the best available materials. Our materials are purpose made specially to protect your belongings while in transit.

We use water proof padded blanket furniture wrap, sturdy corrugated sheets, bubble wrap, a vast array of reinforced wardrobe cartons for hanging your clothing and keeping them crease free. We also have smaller cartons for heavier objects and larger cartons for lighter objects. We use extra strong sealing tape for these cartons. Fragile items such as fine arts, antiques, pianos, grandfather clocks, glass display cabinets, paintings etc, will be packed using the appropriate materials and cased or crated for added protection. We design and build made to measure timber crates and cases tailored to your needs.

Should you need to pack your private or personal items by yourself, delivery of packing materials you require can be arranged with our move managers.

On completion of packing, our packing crew will clearly label every item at your residence with item number, customer name, reference number and final destination details. A copy of this list will be provided to you on completion of the export packing and loading. This list will also be sent to our agents at destination to ensure an accurate check of all pieces on delivery to your new residence abroad.

Handling Fragile Items

As you well know an ostrich does all it takes to make sure that her eggs are safe and sound till they get hatched. The same is true with us. At Segon, we will make sure that your goods especially those fragile ones are well packed so as no harm comes to them while in transit till they get safely back to their new destination.

Fragile items and antiques are specially packaged to provide maximum protection.


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