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MACCFA Freight Logistics– MACCFA has extensive experience in customs clearing, freight forwarding, transport and shipping agency. Established in 1994, it is recognized internationally and its name is registered in the Directory of International Forwarding and Logistic Agents. By offering customers a door-to-door service, MACCFA is able to full fill all their transportation requirements and to become a real logistic partner.
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Transit Marill – Has been founded in 1896 by the grand father Paul Marill with a primary activity focused on pearl trade from the Red Sea. Transit Marill is  a member of WCA family networks, IATA, IAM, SCAC among others and is able to provide comprehensive logistics solutions to our customers. As such, we are able to offer the total mobility solutions provider.
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WORLD WIDE AGENTS: As Segon-Marill is a member of IAM, the biggest Packing & Moving Association in the world, we have the opportunity to work with many moving companies in the world. To mention few of them:

AGS in all African countries, Alpha Moving(Sweden), Sobolak (Austria), Interdean SA (Switzerland), Asian Tigers Transpo Forwarders Inc(Thailand), The MI Group (Philadelphia), Great American Forwarders Inc(Alexandria), American Vanpac Inc. (Washington DC), Stattford Van Lines(Namibia), Four winds AGS(Europe), PAXTON, Kinetix, Pelichet (Switzerland), Maison Odinet (France), and many more…

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