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Segon-Marill International Movers uses reputable insurance company for insuring its work against fire, burglary, and damage during the movement of belongings from pick up place up to delivery destination. Based on customer request special insurance arrangements are also handled. Our office, employees, vehicles, equipment and the warehouse are fully insured with Awash Insurance Company. Awash has been chosen for its efficient service and its capability to clear claims within reasonable days for claims from Segon-Marill and/or clients. Moreover, Awash insurance is one of the reputable private insurance companies in Ethiopia. The Company also issues international insurance coverage through the French Marseille based Taffe Assurance for international removals.

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Segon Marill Movers PLC
Address:  MACCFA House in front of St. Joseph Church Saris, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • + 251-11 470 8585
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P.O.B: 122283

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